About the Dollwear Homepage

Susan designed and made nearly all of the fashions, photgraphed each item with her old but trusty Cannon AE-1 camera, scanned the photographs and other images with our cheap but effective Mustek 600 III EP Plus scanner, and edited the JPG images using Corel 4 Photo Paint.

Doug designed/created Dollwear's pages using Netscape Composer 4.05, did updates with Composer 4.5, and referred often to the Official Netscape Composer Book (Windows 95 & Windows NT, $39.99 US) by Alan Simpson (published by Ventana Communications Group). If you have technical questions about or want to critique the page, please email Doug at d-sedwards@duesouth.net [and be advised that Doug does not respond well to criticism of any sort].

Our computer, a Packard Bell Legend 136CD Supreme, handles nearly all jobs well but is in need of an upgrade!

Susan believes that I deleted the message about loving her after all these years...  I think she didn't like me telling people that our 17th wedding anniversary is Novemeber 23rd (because folks might figure out how young she REALLY is).

Well, heck, I'm proud to have married a 12 year old 17 years ago and think she looks pretty darn good for 29.

Please don't tell her about this message (BILL!!!) either.

By the way, I am pleased to announce the arrival of Liz and Dr. Bill's new baby: MATTHEW AARON JOHNSON!! Doug Junior, I mean Matthew, was born October 28 (7 pounds, 8 ounces, 19.75 inches) ... Liz, Bill, and Matthew - we are very happy for you and love you guys dearly.

Love ya - mean it!

Doug Edwards, 11/14/98