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- what is a digital internet?

digital internet is the most exciting step in SCESCAPE's evolution.

In 1996 we set the standard for quality internet services in Aiken; in

1997 we will raise the bar once more, providing 100% digital service

capability and the absolute fastest connectivity possible. What this

means to the end user is that calls may be analog (regular phone lines)

or ISDN at no additional charge, and all our modems will go to

56K (Lucent standard) analog as soon as it is available and 64K ISDN

(check with your modem manufacturer to see if your modem is upgradable to 56K).

The weak link in all other current technologies such as Ascend is they continue to rely on analog modems

within the equipment itself. This reduces quality in your connection as

you would be connecting to an analog modem just like your own. At the core of the equipment we

will be deploying is "true digital" modem technology by Livingston.



Internet SCESCAPE will be provisioning Livingston equipment

across the board over the next few months until our existing

analog modems are all replaced by true digital modems. True digital

modems are less susceptible to getting hung, overheating and burnout like traditional

modems, which means a more reliable connection. No more slow analog

phone lines or modems....only pure light speed digital lines and

the most technologically advanced digital modems and equipment available.

And, we will support 56K as soon as it is available, which should be within the next 4 to 5 months.

Digital users will also reap the benefits of this new technology. 64K

ISDN and 128K ISDN were our traditional offerings, and now we can offer

as much aggregated ISDN as you need with our new Portmaster-3 multilink

PPP. And no longer will there be additional charges assessed for 64K

ISDN service. We will be the only truly digital ISP in the area and we will be months ahead of 99%

of the internet service providers in the country.



What about reliability?

In addition to all of this exciting news, we are very proud to announce that SCescape will be "multi-homed" in March,

meaning we will have a connection through both Sprintlink and MCI, which should all but eliminate downtime.

So once again we will maintain our reputation as the fastest, most reliable ISP in the South East.



how will i be affected?-

Pending negotiations with the phone company, some of this information

may change but here is what we anticipate. We will grandfather in all

existing customers for a period of six months from the end of the

transition in June or July. Our existing rate structure will shift

into two categories: standard support, Monday through Friday 9-8, and

Premium Support, which includes Saturday 9-8. All plans include e-mail

support availability at all other times. Existing customers are

grandfathered in as Premium Support.



what are the new plans?

STANDARD SUPPORT - Monday through Friday, 9AM-8PM, live human support

and fast response to e-mail support 24x7

$20/sixty hours


PREMIUM SUPPORT - Monday through Saturday, 9AM-8PM, live human support

and fast response to e-mail support 24x7

$25/sixty hours


*effective 1 March, 1997 for all existing customers, and Feb 26 for new customers.

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