64K ISDN dialup account

SCESCAPE.net is the Aiken area provider to first take advantage of the immense potential of ISDN. ISDN lines essentially work as two separate lines in one:

One line is a "data" line -- use this one for dialup to SCESCAPE just like dialing up with a regular modem, only you have to have an ISDN modem to use...
the other line a "voice" line which you can use with an ISDN phone. You can use them both simultaneously - a great plus for us net addicts.
What you need:

  • an ISDN modem
  • an ISDN phone (if you intend to use the voice line)
  • an ISDN connection from BellSouth
Here's some helpful places to look:
OCN's ISDN Info Central
Motorola - manufacturer of ISDN modems
Ascend - another manufacturer
Dialup accounts are not dedicated accounts. Rather, they are unlimited attended accounts. No unique IP numbers are assigned, and you will be disconnected after a period of inactivity.
Sign Up Now for an account. This account has full access to SCESCAPE-NOC24 24 hour support and trouble reporting.