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Distance Learning Scenario

LearnLincTM I-Net is the first software product to allow an instructor or student to control course material on all PCs in real time over the Internet or corporate intranet. Courseware may originate from previously authored material or from any Web site, because LearnLinc I-Net is the first to offer synchronized Web navigation. Corporations or universities can now employ the most effective instructor-led learning tools on the most accessible infrastructure-the Internet/intranet. Your organization may opt to purchase the server software or use the software on an "as needed" basis and pay a small hourly charge per participant.

Example Application

You are a major healthcare provider, and your company is about to institute changes to the various plans offered. You need to train your remote sales force and the human resource benefit representatives at client locations. It is essential that this training occur rapidly and effectively. You determine that it will take about an hour to get people familiar with the upcoming changes and you know there will be a need to have an open forum to answer questions. You have approximately two-hundred people that need to get trained, and you decide to limit class size to approximately twenty people per session. You contact Concord and reserve the required time during the next month to conduct your training. Based on your needs, you schedule ten, two hour sessions with a per session attendance of twenty-one people (twenty students and one instructor).

How It Works

Once students have logged in via the Internet, you can lead the class by controlling the multimedia or Web-based content on all student PCs. Students may raise electronic "hands" and be given control to run the courseware, take the class to a Web site, or ask questions. You can even launch multiple choice questions on all PCs to verify student progress at any time. Launch a shared whiteboard to display and mark-up documents, graphics, or hand written notes. Take a snapshot of any student's screen to help them with problems. Use text chat to give students individualized help. Access to courseware is provided at any time in the LearnLinc I-Net environment so students may preview/review material or do homework assignments

Learning Benefits

Synchronized Multimedia Content Instructor-led learning using Synchronized Multimedia Content results in higher retention rates by students
Synchronized Web Navigation Instructor control of Synchronized Web Navigation takes students to Internet "virtual library"
Instructor Floor Control and Student Hand Raising Higher completion rates result from Instructor Floor Control and Student Hand Raising due to increased interaction
Library Browser Students can preview/review course material for self-paced learning or homework
Shared Whiteboard Spontaneous additions can be made to class content using the Shared Whiteboard
QNA (Question and Answer) Instructors can verify student progress with multiple choice questions using the Question and Answer Application
Glimpse Instructors may look at any student PC screen to offer help using Glimpse
Text Chat Interaction is enhanced by using Text Chat for class communication
Administration Tools Instructors have tools to establish course structure, assign access rights, and manage large numbers of courses and multimedia resources with Administrative Tools

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