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Concord now offers small businesses, large and small corporations, academic institutions and even individuals the opportunity to conduct distance learning using LearnLinc I-Net software and the Concord Distance Learning Server.

Corporations or universities can now employ the most effective instructor-led learning tools on the most accessible infrastructure-the Internet.

LearnLinc I-Net offers instructor/student control, class coordination, multimedia interaction, student progress verification, and self-paced learning, plus access to an unlimited library of Web based educational material. When teamed with a telephone, videoconferencing, or other audio/video connection, LearnLinc I-Net brings together the time-tested benefits of true classroom interaction.

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Concord can also assist in the development of your training materials for use in a distance learning environment. Concord offers a full array of Instructional Systems Design (ISD) and performance measurement services to maximize the effectiveness of your training.

If you would like to know more about pricing and how to reserve your time on the Concord Distance Learning Server, please contact Mr. Robert Madden in our Aiken, SC office at (803) 649-0820 or by directing e-mail to: concord@home.ifx.net

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