Procedures and related technical documentation such as job aids, instructions, manuals, etc., may be viewed as an aid to human performance and therefore part of the "personnel subsystem". Another view is that procedures fundamentally are "software"; they contain information, knowledge, data, etc., for use by humans. Indeed, computerized and interactive procedures blur the distinction in these viewpoints. The important thing is that procedures, in whatever form they are presented, are one element of the total system which must be designed to support overall system goals and requirements.

Like hardware systems, procedure systems should be designed to accomplish specific functions and to meet specific performance requirements. They must be designed with a clear understanding of the performance capabilities - the strengths and limitations of this particular type of system element. And they must be designed with the ultimate user in mind; i.e., to enhance the capabilities and minimize the limitations of the human user.

Concord applies its systems approach and integrated teams of operations/maintenance specialists, engineers, and human factors professionals to design, develop, test, verify and validate procedures with the same rigorous attention to system performance requirements demanded for hardware, software, or human performance.

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