Safety and Risk Management - "Operating safely is a dynamic process, not a state to be achieved once and for all. It ... demands constant attention and feedback..."

Application of the Concord systems viewpoint of safety and risk management involves a total program for identification, evaluation, reduction, and control of hazards. Ideally, emphasis is placed on identifying and eliminating potential hazards early in the design phase, but we offer a comprehensive program of establishing and implementing criteria throughout the systems acquisition, test, operation, and decommissioning life cycle phases.

Concord offers an integrated program of both deterministic and probabilistic analysis to address the complete system - hardware, software, personnel, organization, and interfaces with external environments (both physical environment and social/political environment).

Concord staff assists clients in nuclear power, petroleum refining, chemical processing, nuclear material processing, environmental restoration and waste management, defense, transportation and other areas to develop and implement comprehensive safety and risk management programs from concept development through facility decommissioning. We will provide technical assistance in specific safety/risk management issues at any point in the life cycle. Some of the services offered include:

Hazard Evaluation
Practical Human Factors Evaluation in HAZOP
Quantitative Risk Assessment
Process Safety Analysis
Training for Safe Operations, Safety Awareness
Operational Human Factors Safety
Audit, Compliance Review
Emergency Response Planning and Training
Continuous Safety Management

If you would like to know more about Concord's Safety & Risk Management Services, please contact Mr. David Campbell in our Knoxville, TN office at (423) 675-0930 or by directing e-mail to:

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