Human Factors Engineering

At work and at home, humans interact with technology processes, other individuals and many consumer products. The goal of human factors engineering is to center design around the end user, based on analysis and evaluation, which will maximize safety, productivity, efficiency and, in many cases, make the interaction with a product fun and enjoyable.

The design and development of consumer products and interactive systems must center around the design of user interaction. A systematic approach to this process includes the analysis of user needs, interpretation of needs into system requirements, interactive design, and continuous evaluations.

Combining scientific rigor with design creativity, Concord's human factors engineers use systematic methods to study the users, their tasks, and their environments. We apply our knowledge of human cognitive, emotional, and perceptual processes, with Human Factors guidelines and knowledge of current technology. This process, which focuses on the interaction experience, contributes to systems that are intuitively usable, easy to learn and retain, and enjoyable and satisfying to the user.

Concord Offers a Comprehensive Array of Human Factors Engineering Services:

Analysis, Design, and Evaluation of Interactive Systems
Ergonomic/Anthropometric Evaluation
Expert Evaluation
Human Reliability Analysis, Human Error Assessment
Incident Investigation
Market Research; Focus Groups, Interviews, Questionnaires, Observational Studies
Procedures and Manuals Development
Product Comparison Evaluations

If you would like to know more about Concord's Human Factors Engineering Services, please contact Dr. Michele Terranova in our Atlanta, GA office at (770) 917-0690 or by directing e-mail to:

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