Maintenance & Operations Support Services

To remain competitive in today's market, "productivity and quality levels must reach heights never before attained." A faclity or process must remain operational longer and ensure that product quality remains intact. A key factor in obtaining these goals is the successful management and implementation of effective maintenance and operations programs. Maintenance and operations programs must establish the administrative controls, procedural support, scheduling, tracking, and training of process personnel to be successful.

Equally important is the incorporation of an on-going performance measurement program that utilizes key factors and specific indicators that will accurately represent your progress. Periodic assessments that evaluate facility/personnel performance in accordance with stated goals and objectives can keep your facility on a fast track to success as well as continuous compliance with ever changing state and federal regulations.

Concord's staff provide technical, managerial, and training support for maintenance and operations program performance improvement. We can help your program achieve regulatory compliance, cost control, and increase your efficiency and production. Concord can assist your department in defining objectives, performance requirements, and measuring for effectiveness.

Concord's staff of highly experienced and seasoned professionals can aid your department in all of the following areas and round out your team to achieve success:

Conduct of Operations Program and Procedures
Maintenance Program Planning
Reliability Engineering, Reliability Centered Maintenance
Management of Change, Configuration Control
Administrative Support - Scheduling, Work Control
Formal On-the-Job Training Programs
Maintenance Training for Operators
Measures of Effectiveness
Operations Assessment and Evaluation

If you would like to know more about Concord's Maintenance & Operations Support Services, please contact Mr. Guy Hager in our Aiken, SC office at (803) 649-0820 or by directing e-mail to:

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