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Critical to implementation of the total systems view that is central to Concord's philosophy and the basis for our Systems Performance Engineering process is the ability to identify, synthesize, validate and employ effective performance measures. Every experienced manager knows that total quality and customer satisfaction cannot be assured without good measures and constant measurement of the process. "What gets measured gets done." Yet, over and over, measures are selected without systematic analysis or validation, and prove to be inadequate - impractical to implement, too many, too few, misleading, response time too long, inflexible, too costly, or simply irrelevant. Too often managers find out too late, at "end-of-project-mismatch" or after a catastrophe, the truth of the adage, "You can't control what they can't measure." This is especially true when the measure is for a complex, multi-dimensional performance or is heavily based on expert judgement.

Concord staff have pioneered a unique theory of performance measurement, a systematic process for development and validation of measures, and proprietary software that addresses these performance measurement issues in a comprehensive yet simple and logical manner. The process:

Concord offers a complete array of services associated with the development and application of high-quality, reliable system and process measures. Potential applications include:

Corporate Performance
Management/Organizational System Performance
Program Effectiveness
Customer Satisfaction (internal/external)
Team Performance
Individual On-the-Job Performance
Employee Performance Appraisal Systems

If you would like to know more about Concord's Performance Measurement and Evaluation Services, please contact Mr. Edward Connelly in our Herndon, VA office at (703) 318-9262 or by directing e-mail to: concord@home.ifx.net

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