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"A central element in optimizing your company's
performance is the training and education of your personnel."

A central element in the improvement of performance and increased workplace productivity is the effective application of performance-oriented training. By applying our system's perspective, Concord's training approach embraces your complete performance system - all of the programs, procedures, personnel, equipment, software, and facilities. At Concord, we utilize instructional and performance technology as tools to support your performance enhancement processes. We go beyond the basic approach of developing skills and knowledge which often have limited application beyond the training experience. Our focus is on enhancing bottom-line results through improving human performance in the workplace.

Concord's Complete Array of Training Services Include:

Consulting and Management Services

Custom Development Services

On-Site Services

Evaluation Services

If you would like to know more about Concord's Training Services, please contact Mr. Robert Madden in our Aiken, SC office at (803) 649-0820 or by directing e-mail to: concord@home.ifx.net

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