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Concord Associates can put your city on CD-ROM! This medium provides a comprehensive, multimedia approach to profiling the unique characteristics and charm of your city. All of this can be brought to life in a fully interactive, multimedia environment. What does all this mean? It means that you can promote your city using still photos, drawings, animation, and audio-video clips in a computer-based format. Selected portions of the CD can be uploaded and highlighted on your city’s internet home page as a special feature. Your imagination is the only limitation! You can include the entire history of your city, from the early days of incorporation to present. Take pride in documenting the history, the present day, and your vision for the future.

There are many uses for City CD, but as you know, economic development is a big issue for most cities if they wish to remain vibrant. A frequently asked question is: How do we attract new business and new talent to our city? City CD provides an economical, comprehensive reference source. City CD includes all the vital statistics traditionally distributed in printed matter that corporations and individuals need to make the important relocation decisions. Real estate and travel agencies can use City CD to assist potential clients in their search for housing or favorite leisure activities. City CD includes historical information, available city and county services, descriptions of recreational activities and special events, city maps, local business guide, hotel/motel accommodations, educational opportunities, real estate profiles, transportation services, and much, much more.

Local businesses can advertise their services at a set fee for a standard page. Additional pages or special feature pages are available at an extra charge. City CD can be distributed as part of corporate relocation packages, city marketing campaigns, through informational kiosks and can also be made available for sale at a nominal charge through the Chamber of Commerce and local businesses.

If you would like to know more about Concord's Software Systems Applications Services or City CD, please contact Mr. Robert Madden in our Aiken, SC office at (803) 649-0820 or by directing e-mail to: concord@home.ifx.net

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