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Business News

ClariNews includes business and financial articles from the North American, European and Asian Business Reports of Reuters. Featuring such important topics as corporate news, regular stock market reports, legal issues facing business and much more, these reports are the most respected information source of international business news.

Businesses live and die on the accuracy and timeliness of the information they receive. The ClariNews business section gives you well-organized business news updated throughout the day. Business doesn't wait until tomorrow to react to today's news. With ClariNews, you won't have to either.

National and International News

The wire services of Reuters and UPI provide the news, sports and features coverage for ClariNews. With more than 50 areas of coverage, ClariNews offers you a simple and effective way to read the news affecting our world.

You get general coverage of U.S. and international events and wide-ranging feature stories to take you behind the headlines where you can see how the news affects you. Our news section includes editorials; book and movie reviews; a daily almanac and much more. There are even regular columns on politics, entertainment and consumer products.

Sports News

SportsTicker and UPI cover all the major North American sports in great detail. Major league baseball, NFL football, NHL hockey, and NBA basketball are reported on daily. Articles provide scores, stats, trades/aquisitions, stories and overviews of the sp orts. SportTicker and UPI also cover many other sports, both in North America and worldwide, including tennis, soccer, golf, motor sports, track and field, horse racing and the Olympic games.


Techwire is the ClariNews section for people interested in science and technology. It brings you high-tech news on subjects ranging from airplanes to cellular phones to nuclear energy to AIDS research. Coverage is provided by the Reuters and UPI wire services.

Techwire is divided by specific topics including computers, space, aerospace, biotechnology, electronics, health issues and multimedia. Techwire coverage is written to bring you important high-tech stories in a down-to-earth way. You don't need a doctorate to read Techwire, but even nuclear scientists will find the reading worthwhile!

ClariNet Stock Report

The stock report in clari.tw.stocks is unique to ClariNews. It covers approximately 150 computer, telecommunications and technology stocks. The set is subject to growth over time.

Each day, a final report is sent out with closing prices for all the selected stocks. If the closing price is not available (communications breakdown or the stock didn't trade) then the last available price is used. (This is flagged.)

We also provide high/low/change, any special flags that provide extra information on the stock, and any recently declared dividend. For NYSE and AMEX stocks, price/earnings ratios are provided. Most computer stocks trade over the counter on the NASDAQ exchange, and we do not get P-E ratios for these.

We also put out one or two midday stock reports. The closing report replaces any midday report, so you'll only see the midday report if you haven't gotten the closing report yet.

Midday reports may not contain all stocks, and for OTC stocks, only current prices and change of price are available.

The various flags and footnotes are described at the end of each posting.

We also produce a report on the most interesting computer stocks of the day. This includes the stocks with the highest trading volume and those stocks with the largest percentage change in value for the day.

This is similar to what you see in any general stock report, except ours concentrates on the computer industry. This way, you will see the interesting stocks that just aren't big enough to make it into general market reports.

Our third report also includes a list of stocks with "unusual" activity. This is done by calculating an unusual activity factor for each stock.

This factor is based on a variety of things. For example, a large percentage change, or a trading volume well above normal would contribute to the unusual activity factor. (This way you see small stocks who suddenly jumped in volume. Such stocks never make it into "most active" lists, even on their red letter days.) In addition, longer term unusual activity, such as a week of constant rises or high volume, can lead to a high activity factor.

No warranty, expressed or implied, is made about the accuracy of these reports. Do not make investments based on any of the ClariNet stock reports.

Newsbytes News Service

Newsbytes is the largest independent computer industry news service in the world, published continuously since May, 1983. It is now available via the ClariNet electronic publishing network.

It features 30 new computer stories each business day.

Newsbytes has several U.S. and international bureaus including London; Brussels, Belgium; Toronto; Tokyo; Singapore; Moscow; Malaysia, and Sydney, Australia, devoted to gathering the day's most significant microcomputer, telecommunications and consumer technology news. (Each bureau is flagged in ClariNews so that geographical trends can be followed.) Newsbytes news stories are republished by some 52 magazines, newspapers, news sources, and online systems worldwide.

Newsbytes gets you the important computer industry news before any of the printed weekly magazines such as InfoWorld and PC Week. And it isn't supported by advertising so you don't have to wade through annoying ads to get to the news.

Newsbytes was honored to receive the "Best Online Publication" award from the Computer Press Association.

In ClariNews, Newsbytes news stories are published in twenty independent newsgroups, covering everything from the worlds of DOS, Windows, and Apple Macintosh computers to wireless networks, personal digital assistants, and online services. In addition, there are several special groups for editorials, reviews, and top news of the day.

All press releases and inquiries should be directed to the editor in chief, Wendy Woods, by mailing to Newsbytes@clari.net.

Matrix News

Matrix News is an electronic newsletter addressing pressing issues about cross-networking, providing information about the computer networks that connect today's world.

If you ever feel like the fast-paced world of networking is leaving you behind, Matrix News can help you keep abreast of developments in this fascinating field. The Internet, UUCP-Net, BITNET, FidoNet and conferencing systems such as the Well and CompuServe are all covered in the newsletter.

Bay City News

In addition to San Francisco Bay Area news of national and international interest, ClariNews includes stories from the Bay City News Service. These articles cover the S.F. Bay Area from a local point of view with issues ranging from road conditions to local politics to entertainment reviews.

If you live or work in the San Francisco area, you'll want to check out the Bay City News to keep up to date on local issues. Our customers find that the local weather reports and the daily summary of major news are particularly helpful.

Christian Science Monitor

For more than 80 years, the Christian Science Monitor's unique style of news analysis and interpretation has earned six Pulitzer Prizes and a reputation for honesty, integrity and accuracy.

Renowned for its international coverage, the Monitor is one of the very few newspapers to operate an extensive worldwide news-gathering operation -- 16 foreign bureaus at last count. Combined with nine bureaus in the U.S., the network spans the globe with reporting unmatched for its depth and perspective.

Entertainment News Service

Few publications can devote a full-time staff to covering the multi-faceted entertainment industry. That's why the Entertainment News Service has become such a valuable source of entertainment news to readers around the world.

ENS is featured in leading publications such as the Philadelphia Inquirer, Chicago Tribune, Detroit News, San Francisco Chronicle, Denver Post, New York Daily News, Baltimore Sun, Sacramento Bee, Boston Herald, Milwaukee Journal, Fort Worth Star-Telegram, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, News Limited Group, South China Morning Post, El Periodico, Clarin, and Toronto Sun.

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