Air Cleaner

High Efficiency Air Cleaner

The Space-Gard whole house air cleaner removes dust and other irritating particles from your home as the blower fan in your furnace draws them to the tightly sealed air cleaner. This clean air is then circulated through your furnace and back to the rooms in your home. Space-Gard's highly efficient HEPA-type filtering media (similar in principle to those used on hospital operating rooms and other clean room environments) allows Space-Gard to efficiently trap a wide range of particle types and sizes. And the media becomes even more efficient as it collects particles.

Space-Gard also provides more than 72 square feet of particle trapping surface through its pleated design. That's the usable surface area equivalent to more than thirty-one, 20" x 20" typical furnace filters. This feature allows Space-Gard to have a low resistance to airflow and a very long service life, typically one year or longer.

Airscreen 1000

The Airscreen is a non-ozonating electronic air cleaner that operates on the principle of bi-polarization. This safe and simple process creates a polarized charge on the unique airscreen media pads located inside the Airscreen electronic filter. This polarized charge on Airscreen media pads causes airborne particles to "stick" or adhere to the pads thus creating an excellent air cleaning system.

Gas Furnaces

Gas Furnace

All furnaces are rated against strict government and industry standards to determine how much heat they generate for every dollar you spend on fuel. The rating for heating performance is called "AFUE" which stands for Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency. The higher the rating number, the more efficiently the system operates and the less you'll spend on your home utility bills.

With its 94.5% AFUE rating, the Pulse 21V uses up to 94.5 cents out of every heating dollar you spend to actually heat your home. That makes it one of the most efficient furnaces on the market today - much more efficient even than furnaces installed as recently as five years ago! Which means you can enjoy lower energy bills and recoup your equipment cost more quickly.

How It Works

The heating process begins as the air and gas enter the combustion chamber and mix near the spark lighter.

A spark creates initial combustion, similar to the way a spark plug works in your car. This causes a pressure buildup inside the combustion chamber.

The internal pressure relieves itself by forcing the products of combustion down a tailpipe and venting them outdoors.

As the combustion chamber empties, it creates a vacuum that prepares it for the next ignition. At the same instant, pressure "pulses" back from the end of the tailpipe.

The "pulse" returning from the tailpipe re-enters the combustion chamber, causing the new gas/air mixture in the chamber to ignite. The heating cycle is repeated at a rate of 60 to 70 times per second.

As exhaust gases cool in the condensing coil, the heat is used to warm your home as the furnace blower moves air across the heat exchanger and coil into your home.

Optional Harmony II Zoning Comfort

LENNOX Elite 80M
Multi-Position Gas Furnace

If your gas furnace is more than 10 years old, it's probably about 55% efficient. That means your furnace wastes as much as 45% of the available heat, and you lose 45 cents of every heating dollar you spend. With its 80% efficiency rating, the Elite 80M multi-position gas furnace exceeds the government efficiency standards and can reduce costs nearly 30% when compared to older heating systems. The Elite 80M gas furnace ensures efficient comfort.

Optional Harmony II Zoning Comfort

LENNOX Custom Heat
Variable Speed, Multi-Position Furnace

The Custom Heat gas furnace is what you get when you combine advanced technology with a compact design and exceptional reliability and performance. The enhanced comfort capability of the variable speed technology enables the electronically controlled blower motor to gradually increase fan speed at the beginning of the heating cycle. This gradual ramping effect creates quiet, even heating and helps to avoid that initial rush of cold air that often starts the heating-cycle. The motor gradually slows down at the end of the cycle and reducing speed to extract as much heat as possible from the heat exchanger, extending the heating cycle and providing efficient, consistent comfort. You'll notice the difference.

The Custom Heat furnace no longer relies on a gas pilot. The surface igniter lights the burner electronically, and it doesn't burn fuel when the system is off.

With variable speed heater & blowers, LENNOX Elite 80M
is the upgrade model for the LENNOX Custom Heat.

Optional Harmony II Zoning Comfort

Packaged Gas/Electric Units

LENNOX Elite 12
Packaged Gas/Electric

With its high efficiency and year-round performance, the Elite 12 packaged gas/electric unit clearly stands out as the leader of the pack. Equipped with a high-efficiency compressor, durable heat exchanger and copper tubing with enhanced fin coils, this unit provides more bang for your energy buck. A compact design and low profile make the Elite 12 unit the ideal choice for those areas where the only fit is a tight fit. And its convertible air flow design means the Elite 12 packaged unit can be installed almost anywhere.

Packaged Heat Pumps

LENNOX Elite 12
Packaged Heat Pump

With its high efficiency, and year round performance, the Elite 12 packaged heat pump clearly stands out as the leader of the pack. Equipped with a high-efficiency compressor and copper tubing with enhanced fin coils, this unit provides more bang for your energy buck. A compact design and low profile make the Elite 12 packaged heat pump the ideal choice for those areas where the only fit is a tight fit., And its convertible air flow design means the Elite 12 packaged heat pump can be installed almost anywhere.

Heat Pumps

LENNOX Power Saver
Heat Pump

The Power Saver heat pump is the finest in cooling and heating comfort that Lennox has to offer. And the top choice for anyone who clearly wants the best. The Power Saver is compatible with many technologically advanced products that offer zoning and climate-controlled comfort, improved indoor air quality and energy savings ... providing a truly customized combination for your unique home.

LENNOX Elite 13
Heat Pump

The Elite 13 heat pump has a dependable scroll compressor, which is up to 15% more efficient than piston-driven compressors. This means greater capacity to keep you cool and improved dehumidification to keep you comfortable in the summer. And in the winter, the scroll compressor provides warmer discharge air temperatures to ward off the chill.

A rating ranging from 7.00 to 8.85 HSPF makes it significantly more efficient than other heat pumps. Older units operate at much lower efficiency and can cost you more money each month on your utility bill. The Elite 13 heat pump delivers the kind of performance that translates into energy savings year-round.

Electric Heat Pump Single Package Unit

The CHP20 heat pump illustrates once again why Lennox innovation is greeted with instant approval. It's quiet, lowers your electric bills, and gives you the right balance of heating and cooling comfort that only a Lennox heat pump can deliver. The CHP20 truly fulfills every homeowner's expectation for superior quality and value.

Lennox Elite 10 & Elite 12 Blower Coils

A total home comfort system consists of many parts. The outside part you already know about because you probably have to mow around it. That's your heat pump or air conditioner. And the inside part is probably lurnking in some closet, attic, basement, or crawl space. That's where you'll find your blower coil. It's the job of the blower coil to circulate warm or cool air throughout your home. That's an important job, and that's why it's critical to have a blower coil that can handle the task. With the Eilte 10 and Elite 12 blower coils, Lennox has designed products that deliver unmatched comfort.


Aprilaire Humidifier

Relative humidity is the percentage of moisture in the air compared to its maximum capacity to hold moisture under the same conditions. 70 degree air can hold more than 12 times as much moisture as 10 degree air.

Outside air at 10 degrees and 70 percent relative humidity drops to 7 percent relative humidity when heated to normal room temperature without other internal sources of moisture, such as cooking, laundry, showers, etc.

That's only a fraction of the humidity recommended for the average heated home, and it's this "deserty dryness' that makes you feel uncomfortable and takes moisture from your home, furnishings - even you and your family. The recommended indoor relative humidity is 35% and up to 45% in warmer climates or where special construction prevails - and not all humidifiers have the capacity to reach these levels.

Doctors often times have mentioned dry air as one the causes for nose, throat, and other physical aggravations.

Heated air dries out and shrinks wood framing around doors and window frames. Gaps occur, permitting cold outside air infiltration. Heat loss and higher heating costs are often the result.

Heated, parched air causes separation of wood in floors, trim and furniture ... excessive wear of fabrics ADA carpets ... loss of piano tone quality ... wall and ceiling cracks ... plant damage and annoying static shocks are also a by-product of dry air.

Proper humidity reduces heating costs by stopping wood shrinkage, which reduces cold air infiltration around door and window frames.

In turn, you'll feel warm at lower temperatures. You can actually dial down your thermostat and still be comfortable.

In cases where excessive dry air has been the cause of physical aggravations, doctors have prescribed whole-house humidification.

Furnishings are protected with proper humidity too - reducing the damaging effects of heated parched air upon everything from your wood floors to your plants.

Aprilaire Humidifiers are safe, proven, flow-through evaporative humidifiers. They were the first evaporative, flow-through design humidifiers introduced in 1954, and millions of users have since enjoyed the many benefits of proper humidification with a minimum of maintenance. They produce humidity in a safe, pure water vapor form. No mist or droplets are present which can carry impurities. The flow-through design is your assurance that all minerals and impurities left from the evaporation process are either flushed down the drain or deposited on the replaceable Water Panel.
Central Heating Co., Inc. will check the humidity levels in your home prior to installation of one of their humidifiers.

Aprilaire Power Humidifer
Model 760

The Model 760 Power Humidifier was designed with ease of service in mind. This beautifully styled unit features the latest design, modern assembly, and quality components to compliment all of the latest HVAC systems very nicely. Aprilaire's outstanding reputation for quality and unequalled performance are your assurance. Installed on the warm air plenum of a forced air furnace, the Model 760 utilizes the famous Aprilaire flow through design that constantly flushes away trouble causing minerals not deposited on the replaceable Water Panel and provides exactly the right amount of moisture in vapor form. The 760 has an evaporation capacity of 0.75 gph at 120 degrees F plenum temperature. A motor and fan accomplish the air movement necessary for high capacity evaporation, and uniform accurately controlled humidity levels are maintained by the humidistat supplied as a standard component with the unit.

Aprilaire Self-Contained Humidifiers
Model 360

The Model 360 Aprilaire Humidifier is designed especially for any residence, condominium, town house, or apartment, regardless of the type of heating system. It is installed through the wall and is completely independent of the heating system. It is ideally suited for applications where there is a need for humidity, but furnace blower operation is minimal or the air handler is located where freezing conditions could occur. Also, the Model 360 will provide controlled humidity for the home with a heating system that has no space for a furnace mounted humidifier.

Aprilaire Self-Contained Humidifiers
Model 350

The Model 350 is designed especially for basement installations of hydronically heated homes, but is equally suitable for use with any other type heat. The unit can also be in a closet, utility room, or heated crawl space. It has application where there may be a need for humidity , but infrequent need for heat. The Model 350 can be installed independent of the forced heating system in a conditioned space to provide humidity as needed.

Aprilaire Bypass Type Humidifiers

Aprilaire bypass humidifiers offer the flexibility of easy installation on either the warm air supply or cold air return of any forced air furnace. Air movement is accomplished through the humidifier by using the bypass principle, which forces air from the supply and pulls it into the return due to the positive pressure in the supply and negative pressure in the return. The humidified air mixes with the return air from the house and is forced back into the living area. This method of air movement has been utilized successfully for many years.

Gas Water Heaters

LENNOX Complete Heat
Combination Heating System

The Complete Heat system, which consists of a heating module and air handling module, works like a furnace and water heater. Together they provide high-efficiency home and water heating with virtually unlimited hot water.

The air it provides is much warmer, so it keeps your home more comfortable, all because of a unique heat exchanger design that maximizes both comfort and energy efficiency.

And the system is intelligent too. Lennox's advanced electronics allow the heating and air handling modules to talk to each other while monitoring your home's heating needs. When hot water demands are high, the system fills that need first without compromising your home's indoor comfort.

Air Conditioners

Air Conditioner

The Power Saver is Lennox's top-of-the-line air conditioner, designed for homeowners who want the very best in quality, energy efficiency and performance. What makes the Power Saver so special is its self-adjusting two-speed compressor.

During the hottest part of summer, when outside temperatures soar and cooling demand is greater, the Power Saver air conditioner is at its best. The compressor revs up to high speed to maintain the comfort levels you need to keep your home nice and cool. However, when temperatures are milder - about 90 percent of the time - the Power Saver runs on low speed, which saves energy and your cooling dollars.

The insulated compressor compartment and vertical air discharge help keep noise at an absolute minimum, even at high speed.

Optional Harmony II Zoning Comfort

LENNOX Elite 10
Air Conditioner

The Elite 10 air conditioner continues the Lennox tradition . Its dependable, innovative, compact reciprocating compressor provides years and years of reliable, efficient performance. And with its ultraqiet, precision-balanced, direct-drive fan, you'll hardly know the unit's on.

Zoning Controls

Zoning System

The Harmony II zoning system was designed to provide perfect comfort in both new and existing homes. Maybe your current home was designed so that your conventional comfort system just can't provide precise comfort. That's where the Harmony II zoning system comes in ... with the Harmony II, your existing home's drafts, hot spots and other comfort problems can be eliminated.

The Harmony II works by modulating airflow from the indoor air handler ... not by restricting airflow with dampers. The result of this unique system is that the perfect amount of airflow is delivered to each zone. Since the Harmony II does not create excess airflow, it is more efficient than other zoning systems which must dispose of excess air in a dump or bypass zone. Harmony II never requires a dump or bypass zone. And the Harmony II never causes annoying whistling or other duct noises.

With Harmony II, you have a choice in comfort equipment. Choose either the Pulse 21V or the Custom Heat gas furnace with the two-speed Power Saver air conditioner, or the two-speed Power Saver heat pump with the CB21 variable speed blower coil. Harmony II will also work with the Fuel Master21 dual fuel systems. Depending on your lifestyle, weather, fuel supplies and costs in your area, we can recommend the best unit for your home.

Easy to use features of the Standard Application

Easy to use features of the Smart House Application

LENNOX Zonemaster II
Two-Zone Heating & Cooling System

A LENNOX thermostat is placed in each zone to make precise comfort control possible. A zone receiving little or no use can have its heating and cooling level reduced or shut off entirely, saving energy.

HONEYWELL Forced-Air Zoning System

How Zoning Works

Zoning is simply a way of dividing your home into areas that have common heating and cooling requirements. Each area is controlled separately with its own thermostat or sensor. That way, it can be heated or cooled independently of the other areas to maximize your comfort and energy savings.

Most of the zoning system is mounted out of sight, on utility room or attic walls or inside the ductwork. Thermostats or sensors identify the need for temperature change and notify a central panel. The panel then adjusts dampers in the ductwork and turns on heating and cooling equipment to meet the specific temperature need.

Honeywell has provided zoning for forced-air heating and air conditioning systems for 30 years, and so has Trol-A-Temp. In 1990, Honeywell and Trol-A-Temp formed an alliance to make zoning appropriate and affordable for all homes.

The Honeywell Touchpad, A Trol-A-Temp by Honeywell 187 Round, A Trol-A-Temp by Honeywell Chronotherm III Thermostat, & A Trol-A-Temp by Honeywell Y594 Thermostat

Carbon Monoxide Detector

Carbon Monoxide (CO) is a colorless, odorless, tasteless gas that is produced by the incomplete combustion of fuels such as wood, natural gas, gasoline, diesel, kerosene, coal and charcoal. It is caused by lack of oxygen or a disruption in the burning process. Household appliances such as your furance, water heater, stove, space haters, charcoal grill or gas dryer can be sources of carbon monoxide, especially if they are not in properly working condition, or have been installed improperly. Vehicle exhause fumes from attached garages, as well as improperly operating fireplaces also can become carbon monoxide hazards, particularly if your home is well-sealed for energy efficiency.

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