Tablet for Augusta, Georgia

by Abdu'l-Bahá

Thy detailed letter was received.
It was the incarnation of pure joy for it contained
the particulars of thy trip to Augusta, Georgia.
It explained the delivery of an eloquent talk by thee;
that thou hast summoned the people to the Kingdom of God
and hast spread the Divine Teachings.
Consider how every soul who has arisen to serve the word of God
will be confirmed with the heavenly Cohorts.
Therefore, be thou happy, because thou art assisted with such service!
Ere long in that city a great multitude shall enter in the Kingdom of God,
the Flag of the oneness of the world of humanity
will cast its shade over that state and the
Song of the Supreme Concourse will be raised from its glens and dales.
The fountain of the Water of Life will gush forth and
the birds of the rose-garden of God will break into the rapturous songs
of the glorification of the Kingdom of Holiness in the most wonderful melody.
This trace will become eternal and will be continued throughout the future ages and cycles.


to Mr. Joseph H. Hannen

April 18, 1914