Augusta Bahá'í Community

Sunday morning devotions and breakfast:

Every Sunday morning at 9:30 am
breakfast, devotions and discussion on the Bahá'í Faith
Home of Dr. James and Nancy Schear
Please let us know before you come to have enough breakfast ready
Telephone: (706) 860-1066

Spiritual Assembly meetings:

Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá'ís of Augusta
meets once every one or two weeks, usually on Wedensday nights.
If you have requests for consultation or suggestions or you would
like to bring a concern to the attention of the Assembly,
please contact the Secretary, Ms. Yvonne Harrop (706) 738-3148

Nineteen Day Feasts (for Bahá'ís only):

Bahá'í meetings composed of devotional, administrative and social sections
held once every nineteen days around the first day of each Bahá'í month

Feast of Splendor (Baha)

       March 21st

Feast of Glory (Jalal)

       April 9th

Feast of Beauty (Jamal)

       April 28th

Feast of Grandeur (Azamat)

       May 17th

Feast of Light (Nur)

       June 5th

Feast of Mercy (Rahmat)

       June 24th

Feast of Words (Kalimat)

       July 13th

Feast of Perfection (Kamal)

       August 1st

Feast of Names (Asma)

       August 20th

Feast of Might (Izzat)

       September 8th

Feast of Will (Mashiyyat)

       September 27th

Feast of Knowledge (Ilm)

       October 16th

Feast of Power (Qudrat)

       November 4th

Feast of Speech (Qawl)

       November 23rd

Feast of Questions (Masa'il)

       December 12th

Feast of Honor (Sharaf)

       December 31st

Feast of Sovereignty (sultan)

       January 19th

Feast of Dominion (Mulk)

       February 7th

Feast of Loftiness (Ala)

       March 2nd

For the time and place of the Nineteen Day Feasts, please call (706) 863-9498.

Bahá'í Holy Day celebrations:

There are nine Holy Days throughout the year during which work should be suspended and devotional meetings are held.

   Bahá'í New Year:


                                      March 21st

Declaration of Bahá'u'lláh:

Festival of Ridvan (first day)

            April 21st

Festival of Ridvan (ninth day)

            April 29th

Festival of Ridvan (twelveth day)

            May 2nd

          Other holy days:

          Declaration of the Báb

                            May 23rd

          Ascension of Bahá'u'lláh

                            May 29th

          Martyrdom of the Báb

                            July 9th

          Birth of the Báb

                            October 20th

          Birth of Bahá'u'lláh

                            November 12th

Other significant anniversaries: (Work may not be suspended)

            Ascension of Abdu'l-Bahá

                            November 28th

            Day of the Covenant

                            November 26th

There are many other meetings including
Firesides, Deepenings and devotional gatherings held regularly.
For details, please call.

For the time and place of all the meetings, please call
(706) 863-9498 or (706) 738-3104.

Columbia County Bahá'í Community

Social gathering and dinner:

Last Friday night of each month at 7:30 pm
Informal evening of fellowship and discussions on the Baha'i Faith
Home of Dr. and Mrs. Rassekh
Please RSVP: (706) 651-9257