Add A Vanity Alias Address On-Line

Now you can add vanity alias addresses from 3 to 16 characters for your email. the cost is $5 per month per address (3 free vanity alias addresses are included in The Unlimited plan).

(Note: Vanity aliases are quite different from domain aliases. If you have a domain registered with SCescape, please e-mail us about an alias for your domain.)

Here is an example of a vanity alias address:

My email address is:

I can have vanity alias addresses like these: Email sent to either address will go to the same maibox ( If you wish to have an additional emailbox, please use our online form to add mailboxes. Aliases can contain letters, numbers and dashes.

Please list three choices for each vanity alias address:

About Your Account
The account name. This will be your vanity e-mail address ,
i.e., tomjones. 

Choice #1
Choice #2
Choice #3

Your name:
Current account name:

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