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SCESCAPE bills all accounts via e-mail.

Invoices will be generated on or about the 20th of each month to ensure each

customer will receive their bill promptly by the first of the next month.

Monthly service fees are billed in advance. Invoice customers must have

payment to internet SCESCAPE by the 20th of the month for the following month's service.

Credit card customers will be billed on or around the 20th of the month for following

month's service.


Accounts not paid within two days following the end of the month will

automatically be suspended. No reactivation fee will be assessed unless the account is more

than 30 days past the due date (the due date is the 20th) at the time of reinstatement.


If a check is returned, you will be subject to automatic suspension of your

account, a $15.00 returned check charge and a $15.00 account reactivation fee.


Declined charge cards will be subject to account suspension, with an account

reactivation fee applying if not rectified by month's end.


Excessive use policy. Our dialup accounts all have the restriction that these

are not dedicated accounts and must always be attended. As a consideration to other

users, usage in excess of four hundred hours on non-dedicated unmetered accounts must be

reimbursed at 0.50 per hour.


Accounts which are not paid within sixty days of invoicing will be referred to

an agency for collections.




SCESCAPE requires that termination of accounts be made in writing to our

offices via e-mail or postal mail. Any other termination will not be considered valid termination.


Snail mail invoicing


...We also recognize certain customers need a printed invoice. In recognition

that such an invoicing system is not "paperless" but is more primitive and

error-prone we keep these accounts physically separate from e-billed accounts,

maintain a separate accounting system for them, and impose a few different

requirements to these accounts:


1) Invoiced accounts must be prepays - minimum term on a P.O. or invoice is

three months.

2) Invoices must accompany these accounts' payments.

3) Payment must always be made in units - either three month units, six month

units, etc., and clearly noted as to what unit you are paying - and must be

received by the 20th day of the final _billing_ month (one month before the

final account month).

4) Invoice accounts requiring a physical mailed invoice are assessed $3 per quarter.


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