Amateur Radio Emergency Preparedness Drill Pix


Aiken area amateurs came together in the spring of 1998 with participation in an

Aiken County emergency preparedness drill that combined the forces of

area Fire Departments, Emergency Medical personnel, officials from

the Savannah River Site and Aiken County and amateur radio operators

from around the county.


The scenario was this: a van, carrying radioactive material, collided with

a train and the contents of the van were spread to the area. Personnel injuries

and a fire were to be dealt with.


Amateur radio operators impressed all involved with their capability to pass

information in a crisis situation. The skill and professionalism exhibited were

talked about highly. The drill was an overwhelming success!


And in the Fall...

Another drill with participation from area amateurs. This time in Wagoner with

a simulated tornado touchdown, fires and general mayhem. A data link via 2-meter

packet was established by AC4WW portable by the town fire station. The Aiken

County EOC Staff was very impressed with the ability to get real-time data back from

the incident scene.


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