3 Islands in 3 Days

During February, 2000 members of the Aiken Contest Club set

out to operate portable from 3 Islands in 3 Days. We operated from

Islands On The Air (IOTA) reference islands in Florida, Georgia and

South Carolina. When we parked the camper back at home and rested

our feet, we had traveled nearly 900 miles.


Operators for the event were Paul (KB4GYT), Bob (KD4NJN)

and Doug (AC4WW). We didn't have to rough it at all since we hauled

the 35' travel trailer with us (thanks Ginger!).


Our primary objective for the trip was to have fun! We all had a

great time, with the weather being cooperative but a bit on the chilly side.

We had to forgo normal sleep habits, but the grub put together by master

chef Bob (KD4NJN) kept us more than adequately stoked to operate.


Additionally, we wanted put three IOTA islands on the air to give

domestic and DX stations a chance to put 3 Islands in the bag in one weekend.

If a station was able to work us on all 3 islands (any band, any mode) during

the expedition, that station is eligible for a nice certificate. All stations that

worked us are welcome to confirm the islands via QSL to the callbook address

of AC4WW or via the QSL Bureau.


Our equipment was more than adequate, with a Kenwood TS850 HF rig,

Ameritron amplifier, 30' military surplus crank-up mast and a Cushcraft A3S

HF Triband yagi. Our signal was so potent that stations in France commented

we were the loudest station emanating from North America! Pile-ups were

incredible but well-mannered. Band openings into Europe, Japan, Africa, North

America and the Middle East netted ~70 countries worked, ~3,000 stations worked

(QSO's) and ~50 states contacted. Wow, what a weekend!


Below are some of the pictures we took of the expedition. Note that I had

to limit the number of pix I could post to my web site due to ISP limitations. If

there are any pictures you would like via e-mail for printing, wallpaper, etc.

please drop me an e-mail. Thanks for taking a peek at our activities.


C U agn soon

73, de AC4WW (Doug Glass)




 Amelia Island,



Jekyll Island,



Hunting Island,

South Carolina



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