" Billy's "

Dedicated to Drill Sgts and Instructors from all branches
of the service as well as to those who were known as

  Cruit, Maggott, Yardbird, Young Soldier, and the most
demeaning name of all

"Which was all of us at one time or another "


In 1976 I had the misfortune to be reassigned to Ft McClellan, Alabama


I'm not saying Ft McClellan was bad but if God were
going to give the world an enema he'd surely put the bone there.
If hell is run by idiots I know where 2/3 rds of my former
bosses are.

  Now having said that I'd be out of line if I didn't tell the truth about
Anniston, Alabama. I lived there for fifteen years and I worked as
a police officer after I retired and some of the best people I've
ever known in my life live in Anniston, Alabama.

I kick my own butt everyday for ever having left there.


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A little fishing trip in Colorado with my wife and her brother.
This is the first trout I ever caught.

There's nothing here for you to buy or sell, This is a
site where hopefully, you can meet old friends and
maybe make some new ones or you may just want to
cuss out your old Drill Sgt ( as long as he isn't me). so
check out the page, send me some e-mail, and link out
to some good interesting sites.


My wife.................................... My wife and her partner

" I think I'll keep her "....................."C'mon fellas, gimmie a break "


You may send questions and comments to me as long as you don't
put anything on here that you don't want your mama, your

wife or your kids to see.

" Don't tread on me "   


" In loving memory of those who truly led

the way, and now surely fly with Eagles "

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