Membership Information

Contributed by C. Dean Cullison

There are two pamphlets that give most of the answers to preparing an application for membership in the Sons of the American Revolution. They are available from the NSSAR Merchandising Office at seven cents each in multiples of 25 (plus shipping). Emergency supplies are available from the State Secretary.

Cat. No. 0910 "General Information and Application Requirements" (Blue).

Cat. No. 0912 "Preparation of Application Requirements" (Green).

Application Fees:

Briefly, a membership application must be accompanied by a check for $85.00. Of this, $55.00 represents application fees and $30.00 represents the first year's dues, as follows:

National Society Application Fee = $35.00 Annual Dues = $20.00
South Carolina Society Application Fee = $20.00 Annual Dues = $10.00
Total = $55.00 Total = $30.00

A supplemental application must be accompanied by a check for $30.00. Of this, $20.00 is the National Society fee and $10.00 is the South Carolina Society Fee.

Checks should be written to "South Carolina Society, SAR" and applications forwarded to:

Col. (Ret.) Frank K. Babbitt, Jr., Secretary-Treasurer
South Carolina Society, SAR
P. O. Box 1378
Camden, SC 29020-1378

Requirements (No Exceptions): Applications are always returned or delayed if they:

(1) are not typed. Applications hand written or printed are not accepted.

(2) are not submitted in an original application form. An original application form can be identified by the embossed logo in the lower left corner.

(3) Are based on a DAR application, but the copy of the DAR application supplied in not a "record copy". Record copies are approved copies obtained from the Registrar General, NSDAR. They have the words "Record Copy" stamped on them.

Complete Supporting References: In general, photocopies of references must include copies of pages, or portions of the reference, that clearly identify the document. When a reference is a published record, photocopies of the title page, and pages cited, must be supplied. For Bible records, photocopies of the title page and family records pages (or certified transcripts) must be supplied. The heading of a census page containing family information should be included. (Including a non-descript page with family information and only a statement identifying the document is not adequate).

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