SUMMARY: This course is particularly valuable for the therapist, new program manager or private practice owner looking for a place to get started in industrial rehabilitation. If you’ve been thrown into a program, want to fine tune what you have been doing, or are investigating whether or not you want to become committed to industrial rehabilitation, this is the place to start. The primary focus of the course is the demonstration of the proper use of a battery of functional capacity evaluation testing devices.

PRESENTER: Christina T. Howe, OTR, CWCE - Christina Tebo Howe has a Bachelor of Science degree in Occupational Therapy from the University of New Hampshire. She received her Certified Work Capacity Evaluator designation in 1990. She has specialized in the field of Industrial Rehabilitation, specifically upper extremity injuries, injury prevention, and capacity evaluations for 13 of her 15 years in practice.

Ms. Howe is the Executive Director of Occupational Health Solutions of New England, a satellite of Columbia/Portsmouth Regional Hospital and Wentworth Douglass Hospital. As Executive Director, Ms. Howe is responsible for business management, marketing, consulting with industry and clinical practice.

ASSOCIATION: Roy Matheson and Associates is the creator of The Matheson System of injury Prevention and Occupational Rehabilitation, who is responsible for this training course. Functional Capacity Evaluations is one of three components of The Matheson System. The evaluation has it’s own court of NIOSH-tested protocol and has been used consistently in supporting litigation of work related injuries and permanent disabilities.

AUDIENCE: Physical Therapists and Occupational Therapists. This is a 2 day 14 hour lecture and demonstration course.

OBJECTIVES: The RMA philosophy of functional capacity assessment


Agenda: Course Outline

Day One

8:00 AM Introduction & Overview of Course

9:30 AM The Stage Model of Industrial Rehabilitation

10:15 AM The Assessment: Evaluation Philosophy, Interviewing, Medical History review.

Musculoskeletal Evaluation, SMS

Noon Lunch - Group Discussion

1:15 PM Maximum Voluntary Effort Testing

3:15 PM Assessment Continued: Lifting protocols

Day Two

8:00 AM Questions & Answers from Day One

8:30 AM Assessment Continued: Valpar, West Bus bench, Coordination/Dexterity

10:15 AM Documentation

11:15 AM Medico-Legal

Noon Lunch - Group Discussion

1:15 PM Work Specific Rehabilitation

3:00 PM Pre-placement/Post-Offer Screening

3:30 PM Job Site Analysis

4:00 PM Marketing