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Direct Link is a user friendly, on-line communications program designed for Macintosh and Windows systems. This program will save you time by allowing you to quickly send a document from your computer to us via modem.

And because you are a valued customer, we provide you with the tools to run our Direct Link program at NO CHARGE.

The American Speedy Direct Link program includes:

We encourage you to try the American Speedy Direct Link program and see how easy it is. If you have any questions about how it can work for you, please give us a call at (803) 648-3821, fax us at (803) 648-7239, E-mail us at or, or complete the following form:

Company Name
Telephone Number
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Would you like more information about Direct Link?
Would you like us to contact you about immediately receiving Direct Link software?

I use a:
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987 Pine Log Road, Aiken, South Carolina 29803
Telephone: (803) 648-3821
Fax: (803) 648-7239
E-Mail: or

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