Weekend Life


Aiken Prep's seven day boarding students participate in a wide variety of weekend activities, both on and off campus. Campus activities may include in-line skating, biking (Mountain, BMX, Road), indoor and outdoor soccer, roller hockey, pool, pick-up basketball, swimming, and tennis. Organized off-campus activities may consist of visits to the Aiken and Augusta malls, movies, county and state fairs and other festivals, amusement parks, local and regional sporting events, concerts, laser tag, hiking, and canoeing. Aiken Prep has a long equestrian tradition and boarders may take riding lessons on Sunday afternoons at a stable adjacent to largest urban forest (2,000 acres) in America, Hitchcock Woods.

On weekends, eight- and ninth-grade boarders may earn "town-privileges" that allow them to visit the historic center of Aiken. Its many stores, restaurants, and movie theaters are within easy walking distance of the School.

Sunday evenings mark a five-day boarder's return to campus where, like his seven-day counterparts, he must participate in a supervised study hall beginning at 7:30 p.m.