Costs and Financial Aid


In 1996-97, tuition, room, and board are $15,000 for seven-day boarders and $13,500 for 5-day boarders. There are an additional $600 laundry fee and a $1500 enrollment deposit that becomes a boy's incidental expense account for allowance and other expenditures during the school year. Day tuition ranges from $2800 in 4K to $5000 in grades 6-9 and includes a daily hot lunch and books; items such as uniforms and school supplies entail an additional cost.

In addition to the option of up-front payment of tuition and fees, Aiken Prep has a monthly payment plan that operates on a ten-month schedule, with the first payment due on May 1. Tuition may also be paid on a 60 percent/40 percent basis, with payments due August 1 and December 1.

Need-based financial aid awards are available to families of qualified students. Assistance in the amount of $76,750 was awarded to 20 students in the 1996-97 year. Aiken Prep subscribes to the School and Student Service for Financial Aid and uses their formula to determine financial need.