Academic Program


Aiken Prep operates on a trimester basis, with the year beginning in early September and ending in early June. The academic calendar includes Thanksgiving, winter, and spring breaks. Progress reports are sent to all parents every four weeks. Students receive academic grades of "A" through "F" a s well as effort grades ranging from 1 through 5. An average class size of 10 to 12 students allows individualized attention and a nurturing environment.

Academic classes in the middle school (grades 6 through 9) include Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, and Science. Math courses are grouped by ability level, and capable students are able to complete Algebra II and Geometry by the end of the 9th grade. Sixth-grade students take an exploratory foreign language course that introduces them to French, Spanish, and Latin. Students in seventh, eighth, and ninth grades extend their foreign language study by focusing on one or two languages. The Middle School curriculum emphasizes mastery of oral and written communication, reading, mathematical reasoning, research, critical thinking, problem solving, independent and cooperative learning, and good study habits. Classes in art, computers, and life skills complement the core academic courses.

Lower school (grades 4K-5) instruction is enriched with innovative programs and activities that include Whole Language, AIMS, McCracken, Superstar Math, and Book It, as well as a variety of field trips that emphasize hands on experience. All lower school students receive art, music, computer, library, and physical education instruction each week. Exposure to the French language begins in four-year-old kindergarten.

Aiken Prep's Learning Strategies Program is available for both Middle School students and Lower School students in need of one-on-one assistance in reading, math, written expression, personal organization, and study skills; as well as for the capable student with learning differences. The English as a Second Language (ESL) provides Aiken Prep's international students with individual support and assistance as they adapt to a new culture and language. Learning Strategies and ESL instructors work with students for 45-minute periods three to five times per week and coordinate their efforts with those of classroom teachers.