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Athletics and Physical Education

Aiken Prep School believes that physical fitness, teamwork, and sportsmanship contribute to the development of physical well-being, character, and self esteem, and therefore are integral parts of every child's growth.  The Aiken Prep athletic program seeks to help all of our students, regardless of their abilities, improve themselves and achieve success.  We expect that the values and ethics learned by our student athletes through their participation in our program will carry beyond the athletic domain.

5K P.E. Program

The 5K P.E. program encourages each child to grow socially, intellectually, and emotionally.  Children are taught cooperative play through organized games and physical activities to strengthen muscle coordination and body awareness.  They also begin to identify muscle groups and learn the proper techniques of large and fine motor skills, as well as the importance of safety, respect, and cooperation.  Students are exposed to both team and individual activities that build sportsmanship.

1st-5th Grade P.E. Program

The 1st - 5th grade P.E. program is developmental in nature and strives to encourage students to integrate health and fitness into their daily lifestyles.  Building upon the foundation of cooperative play and organized games, the students learn to develop skills for team and individual sports.  Motor patterning and basic movements are stressed throughout the program.  Safety, respect, and sportsmanship are reinforced throughout all activities along with the importance of understanding the rules of play.

Middle School and 9th Grade P.E. Programs

The middle school and 9th grade P.E. programs are designed to provide experience and skill development in a wide variety of activities, and to promote an understanding and appreciation for a healthy body through physical fitness and conditioning.  Students are encouraged to practice self-discipline, team work and risk taking.  Leadership skills are developed and promoted through small group activities and problem solving.  Respect, sportsmanship, citizenship, as well as ethical and  moral values are reinforced throughout the program.

Middle School and High School Interscholastic Sports

Aiken Prep participates in the SCISA (South Carolina Independent School Association) League and the CSRA  League.  A no-cut policy for team participation and playing time de-emphasizes a "win at all cost" philosophy and puts the emphasis on skill development and self confidence.  Additionally, the focus of interscholastic sports is to help students develop individual physical fitness and sport-specific skills within a team oriented environment.  Our players conduct themselves in a manner that is respectful of others, both on and off the field, always maintaining the highest standards of courtesy and good sportsmanship.

Interscholastic Team Competition is Available for the Following Sports

Soccer (men's and women's)


Basketball (men's and women's)



Cross Country 

Fall 2000 Interscholastic Sports Game Schedules (Subject to Change)

SCISA Boy's Soccer (Coached by Mr. Scott Sapala)

Sept. 8 vs    Glenforest    Away

Sept. 9 vs    Low Country    Away

Sept. 16 vs   Providence    Home

Sept. 19 vs    Newberry    Away

Sept. 21 vs    Glenforest    Home

Sept. 22 vs    Low Country    Home

Oct. 3    vs    Newberry    Home

Oct. 16    Soccer Playoffs

SCISA Girl's Volleyball (Coached by Mrs. Keira Murphy and Mr. Sean Daly)

Sept. 7    vs    Glenforest    Away

Sept. 14    vs    Laurens    Home

Sept. 16    vs    Providence    Home

Sept. 19    vs    Long Cane    Away

Sept. 21    vs    Glenforest    Home

Oct. 3    vs    Long Cane    Home

Oct. 12    vs    Laurens    Away

Oct. 17    SCISA Playoffs

Oct. 28    State Playoffs

SCISA Girl's Tennis (Coached by Ms. Lynn Carter)

Sept. 9 VS Low Country--Away

Sept. 12 VS Newberry --Away

Oct. 2 VS Newberry --Home

CSRA  Soccer (Coach TBA)

Sept. 7    vs EDS

Sept. 13 vs    Augusta Prep    Away

Sept. 23 vs    Westminister    Away

Sept. 27 vs    Home School    Home

Oct. 4    vs    Augusta Prep    Home

Oct. 11    vs    Westminister    Home

Oct. 13    B Tournament at Aiken Prep

CSRA Cross Country (Coached by Mr. Sean Daly and Mr. Dacre Stoker)

Sept 14.    vs    Augusta Prep    at Augusta Prep

Sept. 21    vs    St. Mary's        at Hitchcock Woods

Sept. 21    vs    Augusta Prep    at Augusta Prep

Oct. 3       vs    St. Mary's    at Hitchcock Woods

Oct. 7       vs     Augusta Prep    at Augusta Prep

Oct. 14    CSRA Championships   at Augusta Prep

Oct. 21    State Championships




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