All students in Grades 1-8 must wear complete uniforms beginning the first day of school. All uniform components are available from Kidz Wear in Augusta; however, uniform components other than girls' jumpers and skirts may be purchased anywhere. The uniform should fit well and be neat and clean. Uniform shorts and slacks must be navy blue, preferably twill, dress-style -- no top stitching or jeans styling; hems may not be rolled.

Please label all clothing, bookbags, lunch boxes, etc. with student's name.

Shorts and skirts must be worn no shorter than two inches above the top of the knee.

Belts (brown, black or navy) must be worn if slacks or shorts are constructed with belt loops.

Girls' and boys' hair is to be neat, clean and styled conservatively in keeping with the uniform.
Boys' hair should not hang down over the eyes and must be cut short enough that it does not touch the collar of his shirt.

Demerits will be given for infractions of the uniform code.

As in all matters, the Principal is the ultimate authority regarding suitability of school dress.




For special occasions, students will be granted "dress days". Students are expected to dress according to the theme of the day or wear their school uniform. The scheduling of these dress days will depend largely upon how students use this privilege. Dress days are not intended to be "dress down" days. Students are always expected to be good ambassadors of our school. If shorts are worn on dress days, they must be at least fingertip length. Participation in dress days is optional.