Check Creative Program Planners for hard-to-find items.



Girls Boys
1 extra box markers, anything fun 1 box Ziploc gallon-size bags
1 box Ziploc sandwich bags 1 extra roll of Bounty
1 pump bottle liquid hand soap 1 pkg. "people color" markers or crayons
1 sheet black posterboard 1 box snack-size baggies
1 box Ziploc jumbo bags 1 sheet any color posterboard
1 sheet black posterboard

  1. If thermos is used, please use spout-top type (no pouring)!
  2. Please - NO CapriSun packaged drinks.
  3. Do not mark items with names. Mrs. Trezza will label.
  4. NO pencil cases, please.


* Please label asterisked items with your child's name


Boys Only Girls Only
1 box Ziploc sandwich baggies 1 box "people color" crayons
1 extra box markers, any color 1 extra box of tissues


The following is a list of items each student in Grades 1-5 will need for the coming school year. These supplies should be brought to school on opening day and should be replenished throughout the year as necessary. To help avoid confusion, please be sure supplies are labeled with your child's name. No toys or extra items, please. Trapper Keepers should be supplied only when indicated. Desk space is very limited. In addition to the below-listed supplies, all students will need clear Contact paper to cover workbooks and brown paper bags or approved clear nonstick to cover text books. (Books must be covered at home and must be kept covered all year.)

Grade 1

1 Crayola Crayons (8-count box, primary colors) Miniature chalk board & eraser 1 Crayola Crayons (48-count box)
Pencils with erasers 2 red pens Pencil eraser
1 pair strong scissors 1 plastic zippered pencil bag 1 box Ziploc bags - Boys, gallon size; girls, quart
4 2-pocket folders 1 pkg. colored construction paper (1) 5-6 ct. pkg. glue sticks
1 tube O'Glue 2 pkg. white construction paper (one for Religion) 2 boxes (200 count) Kleenex
1 roll paper towels 1 fairly recent picture of your child 2 wide-ruled spiral notebooks
1 box water colors 1 pkg. green construction paper for Religion composition book (black & white w/sewn-in binding), wide-ruled

Grade 2

1 red checking pen 1 Crayola Crayons (24 count box) 1 box Magic markers (waterbase)
4 pencils with erasers 1 single-color pack construction paper 1 pair safety scissors (that cut)
1 lg. pink-pearl-type eraser 1 small plastic school box 2 large glue sticks
4 folders with pockets 5 prong folders 2 box (200 count) Kleenex
1 box Ziploc bags 2 pkg. plain white construction paper (1 for Religion) 2 pkg. wide-ruled white notebook paper
1 pkg. yellow or blue construction paper (for Religion) 1 glue stick for Religion

Grade 3

1 pkg. colored markers 2 # 2 pencils with erasers 2 red pencils (no pens)
1 pencil eraser 3 wide-ruled spiral notebooks 1 ruler, inches and centimeters
1 pencil box (plastic) 1 box Crayons - 24 count 1 homework assignment pad
2 boxes Kleenex 4 2-pocket folders (1 blue, 1 red, 2 your choice 1 recent photo of child
2 pkg. wide-ruled loose leaf notebook paper 1 glue stick 1 pkg. white construction paper (for Religion Class)
Safety sissors 9 U.S. postage stamps for shut-ins (Religion)

Grade 4

1 large glue stick 1 homework assignment pad 2 #2 pencils - plain
2 red pens 1 ruler with centimeters and inches 1 Webster pocket dictionary
4 eraseable pens (blue or black ink) 2 boxes 24-count Crayons (one for Religion) 5 spiral notebooks, 70-120 pages (1 is for Religion)
2 plastic pencil boxes 7 pocket folders in assorted colors 2 box of Kleenex (200 count)
scissors (please label them with student's name) Magic Markers 1 pkg. white construction paper (for Religion)
Wide-ruled loose leaf notebook paper 1 Trapper Keeper-style binder

Grade 5

1 red pen 2 pencils 2 erasable pens (blue or black ink)
1 metric ruler 1 4-oz. Elmer's Glue scissors
2 pkg. white construction paper (one for Religion) 2 boxes 200-count Kleenex crayons or markers
1 24-count box crayons (for Religion) 1 Trapper Keeper-style binder which includes 5 pocket folders and wide-rule notebook paper