Extended Care Program

Sister Rosemary Boyd, OLM      Mrs. Linda Parks
Principal      ECP Supervisor
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St. Mary Help of Christians Extended Care Program (ECP) is a service to working parents and their children who are attending St. Mary Help of Christians School. The program is guided by the philosophy and policies of the school administration. Employees are responsible for the implementation of the goals and policies of the program, subject to the supervision of the school principal.


The goal of ECP is to provide a Christian atmosphere conducive to constructive growth experiences for our students who must be cared for away from their families on days when school is in session. The program also seeks to provide a place and time to accomplish homework. Please refer to “Policies” for information regarding “Study Hall”.

Program Schedule

The program begins on the first day of school and ends on the last day of the school year. Care is provided from 2:50 until 6:00 PM on days when school is in session.

Please note: ECP closes promptly at 6:00PM.

ECP will be closed when the school is closed. If a decision is reached by the Principal that the school should close during school hours due to inclement weather or other reason, ECP will also close.

Snacks will be provided from 3:00-3:15 PM. After snacks, children are free to go to Study Hall or play.

Registration and Rates

Registration is a one-time charge each year of $5.00 per student, not to exceed $10.00 per family. The fee will be used to cover the cost of supplies and other program expenses. The registration fee is nonrefundable. The fee will be included in your first months bill.

The ECP rate schedule for the 1996-97 school year is $2.00 per hour for one child and $3.25 per hour for two or more children. You are only responsible for the amount of time your children are under ECP supervision.

Staff members are employed only until 6:00 PM. It is common courtesy to respect the time of closure. A substantial fee of $5.00 for every 15 minutes per family will be charged for late pickups. We suggest for practical purposes that families should consider the last pickup time to be 5:45 to prevent any additional charges. Our staff is to leave promptly at 6:00 PM to assure that other custodial services can also conclude in a timely fashion.


Each student is expected to:

School rules (as stated in the School Handbook for Students and Parents) must be followed by all students attending ECP. Repeated or severe violations will be discussed with the parents. In each case, the Principal will be notified of each offense and action taken.

Payment of Fees
Bills will be distributed in the classroom to the youngest child in the family the first week of the month. Payment should be turned in by the 15th of every month. If you do not pay the amount due every month, ECP reserves the right to refuse the use of ECP to your family.

Payment to ECP should be made by check (payable to “St. Marys ECP”). Send the check in an envelope marked “Extended Care Program”. Students may give the envelope to their regular classroom teacher to be sent to the office.

Additional areas of parental responsibility are in the matters of prompt fee payment and prompt pick-up of children in the late afternoon. ECP is entirely financed by fees. Regular and prompt payment will assure the continued employment of personnel and the provision of supplies and equipment. If a parent or guardian fails to meet the ECP fee payment deadline and does not make adequate arrangements with the Supervisor, the child(ren) will not be allowed to continue in the program. We will do everything possible to assist you but we must be made aware of the needs.

Late Pickup
When a child has not been picked up and no parent contact has been received, the following steps will be taken:

Study Hall
Study Hall is open from 3:15-4:15 PM, Monday through Thursday. Study Hall is not mandatory unless requested by a parent. Since Study Hall is included with ECP, it is your child’s advantage to attend.

Please note: ECP will not be responsible for homework or attendance at Study Hall. This is up to students and parents.

Personal Belongings
Students are responsible for all supplies needed to complete homework. All books and possessions must be secured in the cafeteria, when reporting to ECP (see attendance), to prevent personal injury to the students. Personal items, book bags, lunch boxes, clothing, etc., must be labeled with your child’s name.

It is requested that children not bring toys from home or “special” items. Often these items are very personal and important, so the child feels they must be defended and protected. This is not consistent with the sharing atmosphere encouraged in our large family. If a personal toy becomes a problem, it will be confiscated until the child leaves for home.

ECP employees will dispense medication according to school policy. However, two written notices must be sent to the office - one for the school files and the other for the ECP files. this is very important so we can keep track of incoming and outgoing medications. This is to protect you as well as ECP.


We invite your questions, comments, and suggestions. However we ask that you share non-emergency communications with us during off-hours. You may leave a message for our supervisor in the school office or phone the office and leave a number and time when you can be reached. Your children require our undivided attention during operating hours.


All students must report to the cafeteria and check-in promptly at dismissal. Their books, clothing, and personal items will be stored safely in the cafeteria. The students must also report directly to the supervisor when leaving with their parent or guardian.