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Come on in.... browse through our page, and let us brag a bit!  We are pleased and excited that you have chosen to look at the services we provide at the Women's Life Care Center at Aiken Regional Medical Centers.  We specialize in caring for Women and their special needs involving Obstetrics and Gynecology!

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Postpartum/Gynecological Unit

We are proud of our new, modern state-of-the art facilities. Our Postpartum unit houses 15 private rooms and two semi-private rooms, all beautifully decorated to provide and ambiance of comfort and security to women recuperating from childbirth or surgery. Patient rooms enclose necessary emergency equipment behind custom-made cabinetry.

 Entrance to the Women’s LifeCare Center is via a covered portico leading into a grand winding-staircase lighted by a crystal chandelier. The comfortable private waiting room located atop the staircase, provides an open, spacious area for visitors and families to await the arrival of that special someone, whether it be a newborn baby, or a family member returning from surgery. Open windows of the newborn nursery provide diversion during the wait.

Women with gynecological health problems/surgery are cared for in our spacious, private rooms, beautifully appointed for recuperation. A comfortable lounge chair is provided for that special overnight guest. Women scheduled for gynecological surgery are encouraged to participate in a special pre-surgery counseling session and tour prior to surgery.

 The Postpartum / Gynecology and Nursery nurses are all cross-trained to attend to the needs of all our patients. Many of our nurses are Nationally Certified in these specialty areas. The hospital provides continuing education to ensure the highest quality of care is provided to our patients.

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 Our Neonatal Care Unit (Nursery) offers state of the art technology for infants requiring specialized treatment, and our Board Certified Pediatricians are available 24-hours a day. Each Pediatrician is fully trained to deliver the highest quality of care to infants born with complications, as well as the normal newborn. Our specialized equipment includes: cardiac apnea monitors, Isolettes, Phototherapy, Ventilators, CPAP and Telemetry.

 We encourage parents to be involved in the care of their newborn in all situations. Our goal is to have informed parents who are educated and feel comfortable in their ability to care for their baby. Rooming-in is our Standard of Care, and rocking chairs are standard furniture in each room.

 "Nesting", with mother and baby housed together in a private room adjacent to the nurses station, is provided for parents of premature babies (Premies) before discharge in order to help them bond with, and learn to care for, their baby.

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Labor & Delivery

 The Labor & Delivery unit houses six LDR (Labor, Delivery and Recovery) rooms, one NST room (for evaluating baby’s status during the pregnancy), a two-bed triage room, a fully-equipped operating room for Cesarean sections and postpartum tubal ligations, and a two-bed recovery room. A stabilization area is available for treating and stabilizing the sick or compromised neonate.

 Each LDR is equipped with central monitoring to allow nurses at the bedside to visualize fetal heart rate patterns for all patients continuously.

 Our Board Certified Obstetricians are fully trained and have expertise in procedures such as: amniocentesis, external versions (non-intrusively turning a breech baby to a head-down-position prior to labor), vaginal births after Cesarean sections, Cesarean sections, and normal vaginal deliveries.

Our goal is to meet the needs and expectations of your childbirth experience while providing quality of care for a healthy outcome for both mother and baby.

Many of the nurses in L&D are Nationally Certified in this specialty area, and all are strong patient advocates who serve as a facilitator for your birth plan. All personnel working in the Women’s LifeCare Center are trained in neonatal resuscitation.

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Additional Services


  1. Women, Infants and Children (WIC) make rounds everyday on patients who meet criteria for special funding.
  2. Welcome Baby is a community service provided through the Mental Health Association to all childbearing families. They assess need and provide infant care items needed by the new families.
  3. Help-Line. We have a 1-800 telephone line to assist patients with questions concerning their pregnancy. This number is answered 24 hours a day by a Registered Nurse in Labor & Delivery. The number is 1-800-570-BABY (2229).
  4. Perinatal Loss / Bereavement Services is a program which provides support to families who have lost a child during the perinatal period (before, at or shortly after birth). Our Nationally Certified Bereavement Coordinator and Bereavement Counselors are specially trained to help families through this difficult time, and they follow-up after the loss for at least a year.

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Education Available


  1. Prepared Childbirth Classes. We offer a free six-week series of classes consisting of training in breathing and relaxation techniques, labor & delivery and postpartum and infant care. This course is taught by Certified Childbirth Educators, and includes a class with a Pediatrician.
  2. Epidural Classes are held weekly to explain the risks and benefits of epidural anesthesia.
  3. Gynecological Pre-Surgery Classes are offered for women scheduled for gynecological surgery. Class includes a tour of the surgical areas, and instructions regarding pre-and post-operative expectations.
  4. Modern Grandparents Class. This class is held with (taught by???) a pediatrician, discussing changes in childbirth and rearing through the years. This class will enhance the grandparents ability to become a "Modern Grandparent".
  5. Sibling Class. For the 2-10 year-old "big brother or sister"! This class encourages the siblings to play an active role in integrating the new baby into the family, and stresses the importance of their role as "big brother / sister".
  6. Information regarding other services provided through Marketing and Community Development may be obtained by calling 803-641-5926 for a "Quality of Life" brochure.

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