10 Guiding Principles for the Ministry of Aiken Christian School

The following principles define the unique ministry of ACS, to assist families and their home churches in the discipleship of middle and high school students, by providing an environment that ensures:

1 - Biblical truth is integrated into every element of the ministry, touching all aspects of the student’s relational and/or social, physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual development

2 ­ A formal admissions process is utilized to determine acceptance based upon the spiritual and academic status of the student and their parents, and their desire for discipleship and positively impacting the ministry

3 ­ All students, faculty, staff and board members are accountable for personal spiritual growth (deepening their relationship with Christ) as first priority, with progress continually assessed and feedback given

4 ­ Students are taught to see life from a Christian world-view based upon an understanding of God’s Word, how to use it daily, fit it together, and make it an active part of their lives

5 ­ Faith is routinely put into practice by meeting the needs and interests of others through local and foreign missions, evangelism, and church and community projects

6 ­ Ample opportunity and freedom is provided for parental involvement, to the highest level in all elements of the ministry, with priority given to personal and corporate prayer

7 ­ A triangular relationship is maintained between the school, the home (family) and the church, with Christ at the center, and with each leg of the triangle fulfilling its unique role and responsibility in discipleship and spiritual growth of the student

8 ­ Doctrinal unity, as defined in the "Statement of Faith", is maintained, independent and respectful of denominational preferences

9 ­ Conflict resolution, when it arises, is addressed at all levels using biblical principles of agape love and preference toward one another and maintaining unity of the Spirit

10 ­ Biblical principles are applied in the fiscal and logistical management of the ministry, consistent with God’s vision for the future, His plan for tomorrow, and His activity of today