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Fave Movie Quotes

  1. Disturbing Behavior "What's the capitol of North Dakota?" "How the f$#% should I know?"  "Okay your cool get in" This was by UV and Steve

  2. Blade "FROST!!" This was from Blade.

  3. Aliens "Get away from her you b^#@%" This was said by Ripley.

  4. MST3K(TV) "Life is a crap sandwich, the more bread you have the less crap you gotta take" Tom Servo

  5. Disturbing Behavior " The little musical people who hid among the flowers" Caldacott's daughter

  6. Disturbing Behavior " Hey teacher leave kids alone " said by the janitor

  7. Disturbing Behavior "Welcome to Cradle Bay High, welcome to my nightmare." said by the almighty Gavin

  8. Scream "Everybody's a suspect" Randy

  9. Scream " I wanna see Jamie Lee's breast. When do we see Jamie Lee's breast?" Stew

  10. Scream " Here comes the obligatory tit shot." Stew

  11. Scream 2 " You forgot one thing about Billy..... I f%$*&%# killed him."

  12. Scream 2 "Billy was a pansy@$$ mammas boy."

  13. The Matrix "To deny our own impulses is to deny the fact that we are human" said by the short lived character Mouse.

  14. Scream " Oh please don't kill me Mr. Ghostface. I wanna be in the sequal." Tatum.

  15. Scream " As if. Thats all I'm sayin. As if. " Stew

  16. BASEketball " Dude your a little bitch." Remer

  17. BASEketball " Now you gotta fetch the ball bitch." Remer


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