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About Me and My Site

I started this site for my love of movies. I have seen probably more movies more times than anyone my age. Where I live there is not much more to do than watch movies and play on the computer. So I figure why not get the best of both worlds. You can call me obsessive with some movies. I have seen Scream over sixty times and that is not a lie. But it is my obsessiveness with movies and the help of my dad that has let me do this. I cannot count all of the movies I have seen. I think that even though people get paid ridiculous amounts f money to make movies. But then I think what would the world be like without movies. I can't imagine how board I would be out here in the boonies. I am only thirteen and I have done this already in a long day thanks to my dad. I hope you will enjoy or have enjoyed my site. Send me e-mail with quotes or your oppinion of movies and I might post them.

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