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Garbage Flix Reviews

Hello and welcome to my garbage flix page. This is a page of movies that don't even deserve heads. So they get there own type of rating . 
This is a garbage rating. The more of these it gets the worse it is. The most a movie can have is five. I have seen some pretty bad movies so what ever you do...

  1. Skyscraper  3/5 Starring Anna Nicole Smith. The acting stinks but there are a few good scenes if you know what I mean.

  2. John Carpenter's Vampires 3/5  Plot is to used up and could be better. This only gets three garbage cans since it had some good acting in it.

  3. 4/5 The next movie into the grinder is a 1998 film called Stormtrooper. WOW was it bad it gets four.

  4. Barbwire  4/5 Wooooooooo was that a bad one. No acting in it at all. It was like looking at a brick wall for two hours. It gets four too.

  5. Chosen One Legend of the Raven 3/5 It had one upside - Carmen Electra. But that does not make it worth watching. Since I am nice I will only give it three.

  6. Goodburger 2/5  Another garbage film. It had no comedy at all. I am going to give it two.

  7. D3 The Mighty Ducks  2/5  Man was that a bad film. They never should have made a third. The idea of any kind of sports team in a movie like that is worn out. I am only going to give it two.

  8. From Dusk Till Dawn 2: Texas Blood Money  3/5 As you can see this movie was pretty damn bad. WHatever you do don't watch it. You can not make a sequal to the original From Dusk Till Dawn because it was too good.

  9. From Dusk Till Dawn 2: Texas Blood Money  4/5 This movie sucked very bad.horrible acting from Martin Sheen and Robert Carradine.


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