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Action Flix Reviews

Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins
Featuring Fred Ward, Joel Grey, Harold Smith and Kate Mulgrew


Review: This movie is about a New York police officer who loses his identity and becomes an action hero named after a bedpan. During the movie he is trained by an old Korean man named Chuin (Joel Grey) who shows him how to dodge bullets and float while running.. He also teaches him how to fight and get over his fear of heights. There is a company that is making unsafe weapons for the military and a corrupt army officer. Remo (the hero played by Fred Ward) goes after the army and tries to stop them from using the non-stable weapons. This movie gets three out of five stars. I think that the movie was very good and had its moments. The movie had some stunt mistakes. There is a scene when Remo is trapped in a gas chamber with a female Major called Fleming (Kate Mulgrew) and he jumps through glass into anther room. Right before he jumps through this glass you can see clearly it breaks before he goes through it. Over all the movie was pretty good. I give it a B- .

The Long Kiss Goodnight
Featuring Geena Davis, Samuel L. Jackson and Craig Bierko


Review:This was an excellent film that is filled with action. The characters are played very well. The movie is about a government assassin called Charlie (Geena Davis) who gets amnesia and becomes a house wife who is in the PTA.While in prison one of her old targets sees her on TV in the local Christmas parade. On that night she has a car wreck and gets some of her memory back. She hires a private detective (Samuel L. Jackson to find out who she really is. She goes all over the country trying to find out who she really is. Charlie becomes her old self again and has to rescue her daughter with the help of Mitch the private detective. I definitely recommend this movie to any action fan. It is an awesome movie and I give it and A-.

Black Dog
Featuring Patrick Swayze, Meat Loaf and Randy Travis


Review: Black dog was a good movie and better than I thought it would be. It is about a truck driver who lost his licensee. The truck drive is played by Patrick Swayze. He is not keeping jobs and his family is going poor. So Jack (Patrick Swayze) gets offered fifteen thousand dollars to haul a shipment of guns by truck to Atlanta. He is hired by the bad guy Red (Meat Loaf).Jack ends up battling Red in the end. I found this movie to have awesome chase scenes in it using huge Mac truck on highways and intense scenes at truck stops. I would recommend this movie to someone who doesn't mind a tiny bit of corny acting. I give it a B-.

The Replacement Killers
Featuring Chow Yun Fat and Mira Sorvino


Review: The Replacement Killers is about hit man from China called John Lee (Chow Yun Fat) . He is hired to kill a cops child and he can't do it so his "employer" puts a hit out on him. The people who go to kill him are the repacement killers. They have to kill John Lee and the cop and his son. He decides to live the country to go home and protect his family from being killed too. He goes to get a fake passport from Mira Sorvino character, Meg Cobourn. He gets her involved and they end up helping each other. This movie is an awesome action packed thriller. Filled with awesome gun battles and fighting scenes. Action master John Woo was the excutive producer and did a really good job. That is why this movie gets an A-

Point Break
Featuring Keanu Reeves, Patrick Swayze and Gary Busey


Review: Point Break is a very cool movie. It is about a group a surfer bank robbers who an FBI agent,Keanu Reeves or in the movie  "Johnny Utah " has to become friends with and learn how to surf. He joins a surf group who he thinks might be robbers but is not sure. He becomes friends with the head of the group and he ends up going against his friends. This movie is really cool with it s humor from Gary Busey and its action from Patrick Swayze and Keanu Reeves. I highly recommend this movie to action fans. I give it a B+.

The Big Hit
Featuring Mark Wahlberg, Lou Diamond Phillips, Bokeem Woodbine Antonio Sabato Jr


Review: This movie was an awesome comedic action film with that gets an A in excellency with action. Mark Wahlberg did all of his own stunt. The effects in the movie were very sweet. Kirk Wong was a great director. The movie is about a hitman who is framed for kidnapping the goddaughter of his boss by one of his friends /colleages. He ends up fighting for his life and to save the goddaughter. Of course Mark Wahlberg is the good guy who is framed and kicks butt. I defanately recommend this film to anyone who loves action and comedy. This gets an A+.

Featuring Keanu Reeves, Sandra Bullock and Dennis Hopper


Review: Speed is a good movie about a SWAT member (Keanu Reeves) who ends up ruining a phsycotic bomb expert (Dennis Hopper) plan to blow up a building. Later in the movie to get back at Keanu Dennis decides to make a bus so that it will blow up if it goes under fifity miles per hour. This movie has good action and intense scenes. The acting was good and i give it B+.

Scarred City
Featuring Steven Baldwin and Tia Carrere


Review:Scarred City is a movie about a cop who is forced to join a group of corrupt cops who kill criminals when not necessary. Stephen Baldwin, the cop, ends up protecting a stripper and prostitute played by Tia Carrere. Thsi movie was okay and it had good gun battles and action scenes. One of the best scenes in the movie is when Stephen Baldwin is dogding laser sites in a building. It was a good movie not the best I have seen but it was good I give it a C+.

Shoot to Kill
Featuring Tom Berenger, Sidney Portier, and Kristie Alley


ReviewThis movie is about a mountain man (Tom Berenger) has to lead an FBI agent (Sidney Portier) into the mountaiuns to find a killer. They go through the roughest territory to find the killer. This movie has intense scenes frrom hanging on a rock 200 ft in the air to a gun battle on a ferry in Canada. Tom Berenger does and awesome job with his part. It is simular to his preformence on the movie The Last Of The Dogmen. I give this movie a B-.

Rush Hour

Featuring Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan


Review: When I saw Rush Hour I thought it would be just an action/comedy but it turned out to be a action/ not  funny comedy. The action was okay and it was funny at sometimes but I just did not like it that much. They had to combine parts of the movie in the previews to make it funny. All of the action in the movie was shown in the previews so when you went to go see it in theaters the scenes were worn out. I give this movie a C-.


Featuring Antonio Banderas and Salma Hayek


Review: Desperado was a good movie with awesome and not impossible action. One of the things I liked about Desperado was the fact thatthe people in Desperado reloaded instead of like other action movies that had a clip of infinant ammo.Antonio Banderas plays a man who seeks revenge on a gang of drug dealers who killed hs lover. Salma Hayek plays a hot bookstore owner who gets involved in this situation and helps Antonio Banderas with his problem. The actors and actresses were perfect for the roles and they did an awesome job for an awesome movie. This gets an A-

From Dusk Till Dawn

Featuring George Clooney, Quinten Tarintino and Salma Hayek


Review: From Dusk Till Dawn was produced by the director of Desperado. This was truly a kick @$$ movie. George Clooney makes the best bad good guy. The situation is that George Clooney and Quinten Tarintino are two robber/murderer/brothers who escape to Mexico to come to a bar called the Titty Twister to find it is infested with vampires who feed on the truckers who come in there.  Salma Hayek puts on another hot an dawesome job with the rest of the crew. Robert Rodriguez did an awesome job producing and directing this movie with Quinten Tarintino. I definately suggest you see From Dusk Till Dawn. It gets a A-.

Featuring Sean Connery and Catherine Zita Jones


Review: Entrapment, Entrapment, what a pitiful movie you were. I disliked this movie very much and I think it got some ratings it did not deserve. It is a movie about a thief who ends up trying to steel eight billion dollars with the help of another famale thief. I know what you are thinking. Isn't Entrapment an drama?Well it isn't it is an action or drama. It is a wanna be be for both catagories. Entrapment was not good and gets an F. Okay I will be nice it gets an F+.

The General's Daughter
Featuring John Travolta, Madeleine Stowe and Timothy Hutton


Review: This is one movie that you have to say kept your heart punding and raceing like horses. This one of the most suspenseful movies I have ever seen. People who have read the book said that some of the suspenseful scenes that  are in the movie are not in the book. When the previews came on and it said that John Travolta gave an pscar caliber preformance I though "yeah right". Ince again I was proven wrong. Travolta gave one of the best preformances I have ever seen from him. I was extremely disapointed when The General's Daughter got two thumbs down from siskel, exscuse me guest and ebert. I don't trust their reviews anyway. Guest and Ebert said that the murder was involved in the movie too much. Well hate to break it to you Roger the movie is murder mystery. The critics of today are so worried if is to violent. Well these movies were made violent to get the point across. Movies are violent to be realistic and not cover the eyes of the audience. While listening to the review I noticed that Guest and Ebert did not say a thing about one of the bigger highlights of the movie, That is the humor from John Travolta. I give it an A-.

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