a corporation in its first year must focus on building a strong customer base. in our business plan we projected a growth rate of approximately seventy-five customers per month after the initial ramp-up, a figure which on average was very accurate. We experienced a period of very fast growth in July and August, then a drop in signups in September and a gradual return from October to the end of the year.



key to being a success, a business needs a strong and loyal customer base. internet SCESCAPE consistently scored high in customer satisfaction surveys conducted at intervals throughout the year. Most recently we surveyed our customers in december with a response rate of 9%. The responses were made on a Likert scale from one to five.

  • Primary concerns when signing up: Quality of service (94%), Honesty (92%), and Availability of Support (91%). Additional factors in order of appearance: Ease of Use (79%), Price (74%), and setup software (71%). These concerns mirror other similar results from larger surveys.
  • SCESCAPE support was rated as 100% courteous, and satisfaction with our support was 96%.
  • Customers expressed a satisfaction with general service of 96.45%, with specific rankings of 96% satisfaction with reliability, 100% satisfaction with availability, 89% consistently connected at their modem's top end, 88% were satisfied with the speed (some users of slow modems misunderstood that we meant within their modem's limits).
  • Billing has an 87% satisfaction rating, a very positive sign considering we had major billing problems only a few months ago.
  • 88% of our customers surveyed felt getting on through us was easier than through other ISPs, with 89% of them reporting they had previously been with another provider of internet services.
  • In comparison to these previous ISPs, SCESCAPE was ranked by 78% of these customers as having a superior setup, 90% ranked us as having faster access, 88% felt our access was better, 95% felt our support was more readily available and 88% viewed us as more reliable.
  • another important factor in first year operations is developing a broad customer base. in 1996 internet SCESCAPE grew to 649 customers from April to December, right on target with our initial projections, and our cancellation rate was less than .75%.