Internet SCESCAPE goes 33.6!

SCESCAPE is closing out the new year with a bang as we go to full 33.6 on all ports as of December 30.

Our Microcom rack modems already had the reputation for being the fastest in the area, now we've taken it to the next level. 33.6K is as fast as you can go on an ordinary phone line.

The Contest

Never one to let an occasion go by without celebration, we're sponsoring a contest to kick off 33.6 in Aiken and Augusta (we have service in both cities).

For all customers of Internet SCESCAPE who sign up before 4 January 1996 or are existing customers - if you refer the most customers to us by month's end you will get, courtesy of SCESCAPE, a 33.6 modem of your very own. Minimum referrals to qualify is three, winner will be decided on 1 February 1996.

What Does 33.6K Mean To You?

For our friends and family at SCESCAPE, 33.6K means an extra edge in speed. Many of you have 28.8 modems, and many of these 28.8K modems are upgradable to full 33.6K. Some of them are upgradable with something as simple as a program you run. Here are some sites of the manufacturers:

Cardinal Technologies downloads - Don't know if yours can do 33.6? Try this.
    28.8 Fax Modems: MVP288XF, MVP288I, MVP288XF2, MVP288I2;
    28.8 FaxModems with Voicemail: MVP288XV, MVP288IV, MVP288XV2, MVP288IV2;
    Speakerphone and 28.8 Fax Modem: MVP288XS, MVP288IS;
    PCMCIA: MVP288C2.

Diamond Multimedia/Supra - Excellent, fast modems. Almost all except some variants of the Supra Express are upgradable with a freely downloadable software program.

Global Village has an updater for the Teleport Platinum complete with a jarring disclaimer...
Hayes NOTE all modems are "Hayes Compatible" - these are real Hayes modems. Excellent, self-explanatory upgrade site.

US Robotics Upgrade Info clear, concise and to the point.

Zoom Telephonics has numerous programs to make things work with their modems and apparently some printable information about upgrades.

Other manufacturers? Some are listed at, however the most inexpensive modems do not have a software upgradable ROM and in some cases cannot be upgraded at all. What to do? 33.6K modems don't have to be expensive, but it's never a great idea to buy the absolute cheapest thing you can find. An excellent, fast, and solid 33.6 is Z-Com's AcerOpen 33.6K modem. If you're looking for something more expensive with a software-upgradable memory, here's our recommendations from much pain and much experience.
(see chart at left)
We recommend Supra for Mac and for PC, and Diamond provides a fine product for either.
About US Robotics US Robotics makes a fine product. However, we do not recommend them because they rely on non-standard chipset which has been known on occasion to cause compatibility problems.